Bovec white water canyoning

Bovec is a popular destination among the tourists that are seeking some new experiences with various outdoor activities. Especially attractive are the adrenaline activities that will impress even the most courageous adventurers! Some activities border on dangerous, but are fortunately completely safe due to the professional guidance of the local tourist agencies. Their offer is the best starting point on your way to a new exhilarating experience.

Bovec white water rafting

There are several options for rafting in Bovec white water rafting is among the most popular with the courageous adventurers. While many groups, especially families, opt for scenic tours and enjoy the views, many tourists also come with an express purpose of enjoying the thrilling adventure of rafting down the rapids and drops. In Bovec, white water rafting is provided by several prominent tourist agencies, so you can be sure the activity is completely safe, even if it is very thrilling. That’s the best possible combination for the best possible experience, so white water rafting is definitely worth checking out!

Adrenaline-fueled canyoning

The other popular option is canyoning. Bovec, Slovenia, offers several convenient options for this activity. But beware, it’s among the most demanding activities. For those who choose canyoning, Bovec, Slovenia, can provide a whole set of different experiences. True, there are options for beginners, but some canyons are reserved for experienced adventurers only and can only be reached through special services of the local tourist agencies. You can be sure the experience will be completely unique and totally astonishing, even for experienced adventurers that have already done canyoning Bovec Slovenia, has several attractive canyons to choose from, no matter what kind of an adventurer you are – you will definitely find the course that suits your interests and provides the best possible experience for you!