bovec canyoning

Unspoiled nature that has not been touched for years, clear blue water, and adrenalin filled adventures are the perfect trio that oyu need to experience this summer. If you want to go for a more active getaway then planning some Bovec canyoning is not that bad of an idea. If you want to experience beautiful gorges along with scenic landscape and the occasional rope that you need to somehow strap onto, then Bovec canyoning is absolutely perfect for you. Not only will you be able to really let your personality and adventurous spirit shine through, you will be able to engage with a more primal part of yourself that rarely gets its own time to shine. If you manage to go for some Bovec canyoning you definitely will not be sorry, however for those more interested in adrenalin Bovec offers a lot more.

Did you know that you can do something called Hydrospeed? Bovec is one of the places that offers it as a part of waterside adventures. Hop into the water with nothing but a small almost flotation-like device, practice basic hydrospeed stroke and let the hydrospeed Bovec experience guide you on the ride of your lifetime. Not only will you be able to go for something you otherwise would not be able to, but you will also be in the hands of experienced instructors that will make sure that your safety is the number one priority. After that, zip up your neoprene, get your hydrospeed Bovec pass at a local guide that offers this as a part of their tourist program and hop into a clear blue river to view the world of amazing scenic landscapes and blue skies peaking trough the tops of trees that make your experience one of a kind.