Soca rafting Slovenia

Spending your time at the seaside can be great, but it’s not the only option. While the dilemma goes beach or mountains, there is another attractive alternative – rivers. Where to go and what to do? Rivers offer a wide variety of options waiting for you to discover them. One suggestion is the Soca River in Slovenia, with rafting, kayaking, hydrospeed, and other activities waiting!

Because of the Soca rafting, Slovenia is a very popular destination for many adrenaline seeking tourists. It’s the perfect river for all kinds of activities, but rafting is especially impressive as it can be tailored to different tastes. For Soca rafting, Slovenia offers different surroundings and conditions on the river. White water rapids, slow flow, anything you can think of, topped by the scenery that will leave you speechless. No wonder so many tourists are coming for Soca rafting. Slovenia is becoming a premium destination for adrenaline tourism in Europe.

With tourism developing, the Soca Valley is growing further. You can find a whole variety of possibilities in Bovec, one of the most prominent towns in the valley. Think for example about hydrospeed, Bovec offers this activity along with rafting, kayaking and other options to enjoy the Soca River. Hydrospeed Bovec is one of the activities guaranteeing an unforgettable experience – it’s unique and impressive, a completely new sensation for many. Even if you’re used to rafts and kayaks, there is something completely different about hydrospeed. Bovec is the ideal place to try it out, as it has many options. There are several agencies catering to the tastes of different visitors, which means hydrospeed is widely available and enjoyable for everyone. Even for beginners, hydrospeed will prove that rivers can be a lot more fun than beaches!