Even though Slovenia is relatively small, it will amaze every tourist with its natural beauty. Many parts of the country are largely undisturbed and offer a great chance to explore them. But how to go about that? The best option is to seek out guided adventures in the Soca valley, which is known exactly for activities like that. The town of Bovec is the likely starting point of adventures of this kind.

You can explore the nature from water – that’s why the most popular activity in this part of the country is Soca rafting. Slovenia has some other rivers that are suitable for rafting as well, but it’s Soca rafting Slovenia is most known for. There are many possible experiences, from white-water rafting across the rapids to relaxed family trips that offer more sight-seeing from the unique perspective. In every case, there are great arguments in favor of Soca rafting, Slovenia is beautiful from the water and the activity itself is of course just exhilarating. 

There are other options on offer in Bovec, canyoning is especially interesting. It offers a new kind of an adventure, even the experienced adventurers will be glad to have something new to try. There are many possible ways to go about that in Bovec – canyoning is one of the most popular activities, while still remaining somewhat remote and solitary option. There are several canyons ideal for that, so the crowds disperse and everyone can have a great time in the canyons around Bovec. Canyoning is mostly done in guided tours, but don’t expect the mission to be too easy, there are still many challenging obstacles to overcome, all the while admiring the local nature in all its undisturbed glory. Definitely a unique experience worth trying!