Bovec kanyoning

Slovenia is a relatively popular tourist destination, but it really stands out as a hotspot for adventurers seeking thrilling activities. For them, the unspoilt natural setting is paramount, which is why Slovenia is often the best possible choice. Many adventures can be carried out in pristine nature, but still tied with the civilization and its comforts!

Valleys and canyons of Slovenia are especially attractive, not only with their appearance, but also with various activities they can host. Among the valley, the Soca valley is definitely the recommended destination. There are thrilling activities, such as Soca rafting, Slovenia also offers competitive kayaking and other adventures on the river. Among the tourists, however, the favorite is Soca rafting. Slovenia is well suited for rafting, with the Soca valley covering substantial length. But for the best experience, it’s good to start as far upstream as possible, with the hotspot Bovec as the ideal starting point for Soca rafting. Slovenia has several tourist towns that come alive with the influx of visitors, and Bovec is one of the best examples.

What about canyons? The Soca valley has canyons as well, and they provide the ideal playground for Bovec kanyoning. You can expect an unforgettable adventure, as the expedition will test your limits and resolve. Bovec kanyoning will also guide you into the pristine nature and present some of the rare sights in this part of the country. While rafting and kayaking are easy in comparison and consequently quite crowded, Bovec kanyoning is a bit more relaxed, usually done in smaller groups with interactive tour guide. But the experience may vary, there are a lot of options, after all. Some agencies offer five or six different courses, all taking place in different canyons with their own specific challenges.