Rafting Soca

There is a lot of fun, interesting and most importantly active things to do when you visit Posočje. Posočje, or Soca valley, is a small valley on the north-west of Slovenia. There you can find three bigger cities Tolmin, Kobarid and Bovec. Bovec is the most popular among tourists who come to enjoy different sports activities, especially water sport on Soca river. Kayaking is one of them.

Kayaking is an extremely adrenalin sport and one of the most common chosen activity in the agencies in towns. You can often see bigger groups of people in kayaks on the Soca river. Kayaking is usually referred to as an individual sport but the agencies have offers made for bigger groups of people. It is easier to be a part of a group accompanied by a licensed guide just in case anything goes wrong. Some of the rivers might be unpredictable in terms of their courses and whirlpools and one of them is also Soca river. Kayaking is therefore a great experience only if you trust and abide by your guide’s rules.

On the other hand, if you want a careless and enjoyable ride choose rafting. Soca is extremely diverse river, from still water to river rapids, it offers different routes and you can choose the one you think you will like. Adventures people opt for more thrilling parts with fast river rapids while bigger groups, for example families or children on their school trips, decide for still water with a few wilder sections. Keep in mind that for rafting, Soca is one of the most popular rivers in Slovenia and across Europe so expect to see a lot of rafts and a busy river especially during the season, from May to mid-September.

Again, Soca valley is a perfect place to try new sports and for kayaking and rafting Soca river is the most appropriate one with its unique colour and amazing views.